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Trained protection dogs for sale TotalK9

Best protection dogs – UK
Founded in the eighties, TotalK9 is providing dog training services for pets, protection dogs and even police security and prison dogs. Now with a stunning 30 years’ experience the team at TotalK9 is there to assure your dog is a well-educated pet or is highly trained for all sorts of mission, whether they are for security, protection or special missions. The dogs that go through the training process will be qualified for various jobs and will be apt to cope with all sorts of complicated situations or they will be well trained to be part of a family.
Protection dogs
Eastfield Farm, Cottam, Driffield YO25 3BE
01377 267372
07400 072727

Dog Breeds

Dog Breeds
The Mypetzilla website is perfect for those looking to buy a pet dog, but don’t quite really know that many things about dogs. There are many dog breeds to choose from, but which is the right one for you? Dogs are very different so getting the right dog breed to suit your lifestyle and personality can be a bit tricky, and Mypetzilla comes to the aid of those looking to get a dog, but don’t know which breed is best for them.

Victory Hangers

Celebrate your rewards with Victory Hangers, the most appreciated provider of medal hangers and medal displays for athletes and intellectual competition winners. Victory should be appreciated and this is why Victory Hangers has developed the range of medal displays and hangers so that you the winner, your family and friends get to appreciate your hard work and outstanding results. Do not gloat but always be proud of your accomplishments, no matter the field you excel in.

Avondale Gymnastics

Avondale Gymnastics is a registered member of British Gymnastics with Gym mark accreditation. Avondale is committed to providing affordable gymnastics in a safe and friendly environment. Through their recreational classes they develop gymnastic abilities during the term and challenge their gymnasts.

Avondale is a registered children’s  Charity. (charity No: 801173) founded in 1947

Direct Golf UK

Direct Golf UK started with one small shop in Huddersfield but it has enjoyed a massive growth over the course of the last twenty five years since the shop was founded. They quickly grew into one of the largest specialist golf retailers in the UK and Europe.

Blind Cricket England and Wales

On this website you can find details of blind cricket from youth development, to the national league and cup competitions to the England team, all aspects covered.

They deliver competitive cricket for those who are blind or partially sighted running national and international competitions.

Registered Charity number: 1118729