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Academic proofreading services UK
Winning Words Write, Edit, Translate has a great deal of experience in adhering to both formal and informal house styles within various fields, including academic proofreading services in UK, medical, law, finance, AP Style, Chicago Style, motoring, cookery, magazines, newspapers, retail, newsletters, leaflets, brochures and industry reports. “I had the distinct pleasure of having Winning Words Write, Edit, Translate proofread my Masters dissertation. They demonstrated outstanding performance while working in my final project and maintained a clear sense of purpose. I achieved the highest grades and so they have earned my deepest respect.” – Farman Aziz, Coventry University, February 2013.

Proof-reading service

Proof-reading service
Scientific writing must be accurate and informative, clear and consistent, and it also needs to follow strict formatting and stylistic guidelines. Proofreading Service provides editing services for researchers and scientists across all scientific fields, including medical, biological and physical sciences. offer an editing fee based on the number of words involved, with a minimum fee of £50. Their proofreading services include checking and correcting grammar, spelling, capitalisation, forms of address, use of italics and other details. also offer suggestions to the author.